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Selfwealth app


A new experience in trading stocks

Selfwealth is one of Australia's most popular, low-cost online share trading platforms. Selfwealth offers the ability to buy & sell Australian, Hong Kong and US shares in the one place. They offer competitive low trading fees, with no other fees or hidden commissions. The Selfwealth brand has been steadily increasing over the past couple of years and will continue if they make the right decisions in product development and customer experience. 

Selfwealth's app is currently facing a quality and Identity problem that is resulting in a 2.1/5 rating and customer frustration. These problems are leading to customers leaving to use competitor products thus decreasing revenue potential and growth for the company. It's an issue that needs to be overcome and we came in to solve that problem.

User Interviews

We conducted a survey with 15 users to get a better understanding of their pain points and needs. Understanding the real problems within the app will help us make decisive decisions in the updated experience. We researched existing customer feedback and pain points to gather real insights.

Pain points


Lack of Data and Analysis. A pain point amongst stock investing and trading is the ability to view decisive data and Analytics on that specific stock to make a confident investment. It's an additional feature that users appreciate.


Poor User Experience. A poor User Experience is often a main pain point amongst digital products. It can lead to frustration, confusion and cause dissatisfaction amongst your customer base. It's essential that you conduct research, survey and test with your real customers. 


High Trading fees. It often seen in stock apps where business will have high trading fees. Over time these high fees accumulate and can be significant for customers. It's Important that you have a balance that meets the needs of your user base or else they will stop using your products all together. 


Slow and Buggy. Development is the core element that makes or breaks a successful product. Investing in a strong engineering and development team can become one of the greatest investments you will make as a company. Slow and Buggy products will causes users to leave and more over to your competitors.

"I've used Selfwealth for several years now and I was hoping this app would solve some of my frustrations. It's too clunky, when there is an ASX release, I get no notifications, stock reports are very basic and lack substance."

User Review

"This new application we've been forced to use is extremely useless. It's not user friendly and takes me more than twice the time to derive information that I previously had to take. Extremely disappointed."

User Review

93% of users said high trading fees would deter them from using the product

80% of users said a slow and buggy app would make them stop using the product all together

86% of users said a bad user experience would Impact their satisfaction and lead to frustration

Competitor Analysis

We conducted a competitor analysis to determine which areas competitors are exceeding or lacking in in comparison to Selfwealth. There are some features which competitors don't have but the Industry overall are all closely correlated. 

User Stories

We conducted a workshop to go over the user stories for the app from a users perspective and determine which stories are primary or secondary priorities.


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Selfwealth app

A better experience for Investors

Paragram are always looking at Improving existing products in the market. Undervaluing UX can lead to Impacts in revenue, growth, reputation and customer retention. We are dedicated to designing products that build value & impact through effortless human experiences.

100% of users said they would personally use this product to make trades and buy stocks

80% of users found it very easy to navigate and liked the layout of the overall app

73% of users said the Interface is better than other financial apps they’ve used on the market

Problems solved


A complete overhaul of the user experience and Interface. This new UX Improves the overall experience for customers and provides a clean, minimalistic product.


Providing the ability to seamlessly search assets and transition from ASX, S&P and Crypto. This helps users find assets faster and more effectively. 


A more refined and Improved performance tracking system and stock data that provides clean and high level Insights for users. This will simplify access to Important stock data and performance. 


Improved Buy and Sell process that is clear and straight forward for Investors. It provides all the Important information and allows users to complete limit or market orders in under 1 minute.

UX Design by Paragram

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