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Building a net zero future

Orizon is a 100% renewable energy retailer that is committed to achieving a net zero future. They specialise in the development and implementation of clean energy solutions in areas including solar, wind and bioenergy. Their goal is to help individuals and organisations transition to more sustainable energy sources and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Renewable energy is the key to unlocking a sustainable future, providing clean power while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and slowing the effects of climate change. It's not just an environmental issue, but a moral imperative for us to take action now and secure a better future for all. Paragram had the opportunity to design their UX/UI, brand Identity and form a long term partnership.

Pain points


Poor User Experience: Energy retailers face the challenge of providing a smooth and seamless experience for users on their websites and mobile apps. This includes easy navigation, fast load times, intuitive design, and clear information.


Lack of Personalization: Energy retailers need to provide a personalized experience to users based on their individual needs, usage patterns, and preferences. This can be a challenge as energy consumption is often complex and influenced by a range of factors.


Limited Functionality: Energy retailers often struggle to provide comprehensive functionality on their digital platforms. This may include limited data on usage, billing, and payment options, as well as limited features for managing accounts or accessing customer support.


Third-Party Systems: Energy retailers need to integrate their digital products with a range of third-party systems such as smart meters, billing systems, and payment gateways. This can be complex and require significant investment in technology and infrastructure.

User Interviews

In Australia, the energy market is largely controlled by two major companies, making it a highly competitive and challenging industry for newcomers. Paragram interviewed 15 users to get a better understanding of their pain points and what would encourage a switch to a new retailer.


Investing in Green energy

It's clear there is high demand in Renewable Energy, with investments only continuing to increase. The Australian government has set a target to reach net zero emissions by 2050, and it has pledged to invest A$18 billion in green energy by 2030. 82% of all energy sources in Australia will be Renewable by 2030.
Renewable Energy
by 2030
Government Investments
by 2030
"Decarbonising the economy is the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime"
After researching competitors in the market, we determined that only 9 of 114 Australian Energy retailers were 100% Renewable. This significant number leaves a gap for potential competition to gain market share as a 100% Renewable energy retailer.

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