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An introduction to faster checkout  

Boost Juice is an Australian chain of juice and smoothie bars that was founded in 2000 by Janine Allis. The company has over 400 locations all over the world with a main focus in Australia. Boost Juice offers a range of fruit juices, smoothies, and food items, including wraps, sandwiches, and salads. The company is known for its use of fresh, natural ingredients and its commitment to sustainability. Boost Juice also has a strong focus on customer service and offers a loyalty program for its regular customers.


Boost Juice customers were frustrated with wait times and lack of digital products to make their checkout experience smoother. Customers needed a convenient way to place orders, pay for their purchases, access special offers and promotions. 

User Interviews

We conducted a survey with 10 customers in person to get a better understanding of their pain points and what they truly wanted from an app. Would it improve their experience? Would it make the process faster for them? We asked them multiple questions to get a better understanding from their perspective as a regular customer. 

Pain points


Long wait times. One of the main pain points was waiting times. People want to order fast and quickly pick up their boost. Longer wait times or busy periods can be frustrating for customers, especially if they're in a hurry or have other commitments. 


Limited options. There may be limited options for customers with dietary options. Some customers felt anxious taking longer to customer their order and holding up the line. An app would allow these customers to get a better understanding of dietary requirements and customisation.  


Difficulty ordering. Some users may have difficulty reading the menu or placing their order, which can lead to confusion and frustration. It may be because of vision or language barrier, an app would make this easier for those customers. 


Access to Benefits. There is a lack of Benefits for loyal customers purchasing in store, especially with the VIBE rewards system. A lot of users either don't know about it or are misinformed about the rewards system. There is no place to store the VIBE card and customers needed a digital solution instead of a physical card.

"I would say a pain point for me is wait times during peak periods. I feel like I'd order and pickup much faster from an app rather then going and lining up. I could order on the way and pickup instantly."

Rachel, 23

"It would be great to have a digital VIBE card rather then a physical. That way I can keep track of my points and use them in the app. That's definitely a pain point Boost should focus on in the app."

Jason, 19

Customer Journey

User Stories

We conducted a workshop to go over the user stories for the app from a users perspective. User stories are essential in determining primary priorities from secondary priorities.


Boost App


Boost App

Initial test with a user group of 15 to determine the success of the onboarding experience. After the test it was clear no iterations needed to be made to improve the experience.


Overall experience rating based on user feedback

"The onboarding process was clear and straightforward, guiding me through each step with ease. The app's intuitive design and helpful prompts made the experience enjoyable. It made me want to sign up and explore further."

Sarah, 24


Boost app

Paragram tested the checkout experience with 15 users, gathering feedback and asking questions to design a seamless ordering experience for customers.


Overall experience rating based on user feedback

"The ordering process was incredibly smooth and enjoyable. I loved how intuitive the menu was, allowing me to easily browse and search through every Boost Juice. It has clear product descriptions and ingredient lists, allowing me to make a informed decision on my order.”

Luke, 20




Overall experience rating based on user feedback

"The checkout process was very clear and easy to understand. The process was only a few steps and once confirmed, it provides a clear confirmation of your order details and expected pickup time. This is a great experience and the UI looks great."

Alex, 23

Problems solved


No more wait times lining up during peak hours. Keeping track of all your favourite drinks and order history. Ability to easily customise your drink to your liking and solving allergy restraints


Providing the ability to access Boost's rewards system in a digital format that can be used through the app in store. Customers can keep track of their points and rewards all in one digital location. 


Giving customers a faster alternative to ordering on the go through the Boost Juice app. Now customers have the ability to order and pickup in minutes.


Providing customers with a selection of all Boost Juices that can be easily viewed and searched. Thus eliminating the difficulty of finding specific drinks in store.


The app has received high praise from customers for its exceptional design, user-friendly experience, and streamlined processes. This has resulted in a thriving user base of over 250,000 monthly active users and a staggering rating of 4.7/5 from 26,000 ratings.


User Rating


Monthly Users


Yearly Revenue

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